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  • U.S. Title touches the lives of over 35,000 families every year by bringing their knowledge, experience, integrity and financial stability to each transaction. Buying or selling a home is not a routine event. Having the most qualified team facilitate your settlement and provide you with title insurance is critical. Title Insurance provides financial protection against claim and loss regarding owners title and lenders secuirty of real estate.  Another important factor is the process of risk elimination prior to insuring.  This offers peace of mind that you will avoid a title claim or loss altogether.  We may only meet you once but we will be protecting your ownership rights for many years to come. As a consumer you should insist on the best and as your title insurance provider we insist this be the standard.     

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    Please take a few moments to view the video below.  It was created by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to give you information about what to expect when you come to closing.